Warm Weather Protection

At Fernwood Candy we ship throughout the year including the summer months. We typically ship Monday to Wednesday to alleviate and assist with more timely delivery of the chocolate products. Due to weather temperatures and shipping outside of our control, we don't guarantee the products would arrive unmelted. For the summer months, we have implemented a shipping requirement for the products to be packaged in a box with ice at an additional cost. The billing will be reflected at checkout for the products. Also, you have the option to select a faster shipping delivery to reduce the shipping time to your home address.

 Prior to shipping your order, we monitor the temperatures of the final shipping destination. If the warm weather packaging is not required for your shipping location, then we will refund the packaging fee back to you.

How We Protect Your Shipment

To protect your chocolate from melting, we are shipping all products through our various sized thermal heat shield boxes with ice packs included. This additional packaging fee of $15.00 is required before you checkout. The price of the shipping label and taxes will be calculated at checkout.