Fall Treats for People Who Don't Like Pumpkin

Fall Treats for People Who Don't Like Pumpkin

Fall Isn’t Just for Pumpkin Lovers

As the trees turn and the weather cools, it seems like all the sweet treats in the world turn into pumpkin. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin lattes, and pumpkin cookies flood the shops, but there are still delicious goodies suited to those who don’t enjoy the orange gourd. Here are a few ideas for exciting treats to give and try for yourself when you need a break from pumpkin fever.

Go Nuts

Pecans, almonds, and cashews taste good at any time of year, and nuts are part of many fall treats. It’s the perfect time of year to break out the almond or cashew bark when you're craving fall chocolates. Fernwood Candy's nutty barks feature a hint of sea salt to balance the rich milk chocolate. For another nutty treat, our Almondettes contain chewy caramel and a fluffy center.

Chocolate Is Forever

When in doubt, chocolate is always a good idea. Fernwood Candy's selection of chocolate nut barks is only the beginning. Chocolate-dipped cream sandwich cookies showcase the indulgent spirit of Halloween, and a few truffles pair well with mulled wine on a late autumn date night. Chocolate mints could also be great palate cleansers after Thanksgiving or any other dinner.

It’s Caramel Season

Fall is an excellent time to fall back in love with traditional caramels. Crunchy, chocolate-coated caramels always have a place on dessert platters, and they go well in gift baskets. Our soft, chewy caramel bites can help make warm memories, and they make great desserts for seasonal gatherings. Home chefs and DIY fans can use our creamy treats to make other desserts, like candy apples, as well. 

Whether you’re seeking personal treats, tastes to share, or a delicious gift, you have plenty of options to enjoy for fall chocolates, and we have them at Fernwood Candy. It’s a tasty season even if you don’t like pumpkin flavors.