bride opening up bridal shower gifts in front of "Bride" balloons

5 Tips for Throwing a Great Bridal Shower

The tradition of throwing a bridal shower didn’t start as an enjoyable social activity. It grew out of economic necessity. In Holland during the 16th Century, the father of a young bride-to-be refused to pay her dowry because he disapproved of the marriage. Since giving a dowry to the groom and his family was a way of making sure that the bride’s family helped to establish the new home of the couple and to defray costs for the groom, not offering one was a big deal. Rather than see the young lady heartbroken, members of her town gave her gifts to begin her new life in the place of her father’s dowry money.

Bridal showers are still occasions to give gifts and to celebrate the upcoming wedding even though our society no longer expects the payment of dowries. Gifts are usually household items for the new couple but are not limited to that. A successful bridal shower is generally defined in terms of how much fun everyone had and how loved the bride was made to feel as she transitions into a new phase of her life.

Presents, food, and activities are all elements of great bridal showers, but to make yours stand out as exceptional, keep these considerations in mind.

  1. Be unique and creative – The bride has her own interests, likes, and dislikes. Use those to plan a theme that will be special and meaningful to her.
  2. Ask the bride – It’s okay to get her opinions and to ask for suggestions about the guest list. You might avoid the mistake of not inviting someone that the bride would really have wanted to include.
  3. Don’t be bound by tradition – If the bride isn’t comfortable opening gifts in front of guests or wants something less formal like a taco or dessert bar, let her have her wishes. The point is to honor her. Forcing her to do things she doesn’t want to do will ruin the experience for her.
  4. Respect the bride’s wishes – If she doesn’t like games, they aren’t essential. There are many other ways to entertain people if the bride likes a more low-key affair. When in doubt, ask the bride.
  5. Treat the guests –Since the party is all about the bride, offer delightful bridal shower favors for each guest. A thoughtful party favor can make the celebration as memorable for the guests as it was for the bride.

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