2 Ways to Elevate the Traditional S'more

2 Ways to Elevate the Traditional S'more

Two Creative Twists to Classic S’mores

Summer is here, and there is nothing better than sitting around the campfire with friends and family and munching on delicious s’mores. S’mores are a summer staple for people of all ages. This year, try putting a new twist on this classic summertime treat and find your new favorite s’more flavor combination.

Mint To Be S’mores

Cut through the sweetness of marshmallow and chocolate with a balance of mint flavors. The sweet and refreshing combination will tingle your taste buds. Grab a pack of honey graham crackers, a Fernwood mint sandwich, and large marshmallows to create the ultimate s’more.

You can even swap out traditional graham crackers for chocolate graham crackers to create a double mint chocolate creation. Once you finish the first treat, the only thing you’ll want is s’more.

Orange You Glad S’mores

Fruit and chocolate is a favorite flavor combination among many people. Fernwood orange chocolate sandwiches have citrus notes and sweet, creamy milk chocolate that blend perfectly to add a fun twist to your s’mores. Add colorful marshmallows and strawberry jam to make a delicious rainbow summer treat.

Kids will gobble up this treat in no time, and adults won’t be able to resist the delicious flavors. Try using a pack of chocolate graham crackers and chocolate marshmallows for a triple chocolate threat.

When preparing the s’mores, we at Fernwood Candy like to roast the marshmallows until they are slightly browned, not charred, and quickly smash them between the two pieces of graham crackers and chocolate. Fernwood Candy chocolate is made with coconut oil, which means getting the perfect melted-chocolate texture is no problem. Kindle the fire, gather around with your favorite cozy blankets, and explore these two creative twists on a classic sweet treat.